33rd Annual Origins Awards

The 2006 Origins Awards - Presented at Origins 2007

Play By Mail Game of the Year
Starweb - Moderated by: Flying Buffalo Inc - Designer: Rick Loomis

Board Game or Expansion of the Year
Treehouse - Looney Labs - Designer: Andrew Looney

Miniatures Game or Expansion of the Year
HORDES: Monstrous Miniatures Combat - Privateer Press - Designer: Matt Wilson

Miniature or Miniatures Line of the Year
Colossal Red Dragon - Wizards of the Coast - Designers: Andy Collins, Jesse Decker, David Noonan, Chris Perkins; Art Directed by Robert Raper

Non-Collectable Card Game or Expansion of the Year
Munchkin Impossible - Steve Jackson Games - Designer: Steve Jackson

CCG or Expansion of the Year
Pirates: Davy Jones' Curse - WizKids - Designer: Mike Mulvihill

Game Accessory of the Year
Settlers of Catan Event Deck - Mayfair Games - Designer: Klaus Teuber

Fiction Publication of the Year
Dungeon Magazine - Paizo Publishing - Publishers: Erik Mona Edited by James Jacobs

Non-Fiction Publication of the Year
Dragon Magazine - Paizo Publishing - Publishers: Erik Mona; Edited by Jason Bulmahn

Roleplaying Game of the Year
Burning Empires - Burning Wheel - Designers: Chris Moeller, Luke Crane, Thor Olavsrud, and Radek Drozdalski

Roleplaying Game Supplement of the Year
Deadlands Reloaded - Pinnacle/Great White Games - Designer: Shane Lacy Hensley and B D Flory

Historical Miniature Game of the Year
Vlad the Impaler- Warhammer Historical - Designer: John Bianchi, Steve Schifani, Dan Minculescu, and Rob Broom

Historical Miniatures Line of the Year
40mm American Civil Warline- Sash and Saber - Sculptor: Chris Hughes

Historical Board Game of the Year
Command & Colours Ancients- GMT Games - Designers: Richard Borg, Pat Kurivial, and Roy Grider

Origins Vanguard Awards
Larry Bond's Harpoon 3- Matrix Games - Designer: Advanced Gaming Systems
Pieces of Eight- Atlas Games - Designer: Jeff Tiddall

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