30th Annual Origins Awards

The 2003 Origins Awards - Presented at Origins 2004

Game of the Year
Indy HeroClix - WizKids Games

Abstract Board Game
Zendo - Looney Labs

Board Game Expansion
Zombies 3: Mallwalkers - Twilight Creations

Card Game Expansion
Game of Thrones: Fire & Ice Expansion - Fantasy Flight Games

Fantasy Miniatures Rules
WarMachine - Privateer Press

Fantasy Miniatures Series
WarMachine - Privateer Press

Long Fiction
Book of Final Flesh - Eden Studios

Short Fiction
Podo and the Magic Shield - WizKids Games

Graphic Fiction
Everybody Loves Gilly - Dork Storm

Dragon - Paizo

Book Design
Redhurst Academy of Magic - Human Head

Card Game Design
Bang! - Mayfair Games

Board Game Design
A Game of Thrones - Fantasy Flight Games

Historical Board Game
Attack! - Eagle Games

Historical Miniatures Rules
El Cid - Warhammer Historical

Historical Miniatures Series
28mm Ancient Celts - Renegade Miniatures

Miniatures Accessories or Terrain
Aurora Class Drop Ship - WizKids Games

Play By Mail
Starweb - Flying Buffalo

Roleplaying Game Adventure
Black Sails over Freeport - Green Ronin Publishing

Roleplaying Game
Angel - Eden Studios

Roleplaying Game Supplement
Redhurst Academy of Magic - Human Head Studios

Science Fiction Miniatures Rules
Shadowrun Duels - WizKids Games

Science Fiction Miniatures Series
Mechwarrior Liao Incursion - WizKids Games

Tradeable Card Game
.hack//enemy - Decipher

Traditional Board Game
A Game of Thrones - Fantasy Flight Games

Traditional Card Game
Bang! - Mayfair Games

Gamers' Choice Awards

Board Game
A Game of Thrones Board Game - Fantasy Flight Games

Card Game
Munchkin Fu - Steve Jackson Games

Roleplaying Game
Savage Worlds - Pinnacle

War Machine - Privateer Press

Knights of the Dinner Table - Kenzer & Company

Play By Mail
Middle Earth Play-By-Mail - GSI

Game Aid
Bag o’ Zombies - Twilight Creations

Pyramid Online - Steve Jackson Games

Settlers of the Stone Age - Mayfair Games

Hall of Fame Inductees
Ed Greenwood
Larry Bond
Loren Wiseman
Bob Charrette
Reiner Knizia
Klaus Teuber
Squad Leader - Avalon Hill
Warhammer 40,000 - Games Workshop

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