11th Annual Origins Awards

The 1984 Origins Awards - Presented at Origins 1985

The Charles Roberts Awards

Best Science Fiction Boardgame of 1984
Web & Starship - West End Games

Best Fantasy Boardgame of 1984
The Lonely Mountain - Iron Crown Enterprises

Best Play-by-Mail Game of 1984
Starweb - Flying Buffalo

Best Professional Roleplaying Magazine of 1984
Dragon - TSR

Best Graphic Presentation of 1984
Vietnam - Victory Games

Best Pre-20th Century Boardgame of 1984
South Mountain - West End Games

Best 20th Century Boardgame of 1984
Vietnam - Victory Games

Best Adventure Game for Home Computer of 1984
Carriers at War - Strategic Studies Group

Best Professional Boardgaming Magazine of 1984

Best Amateur Adventure Gaming Magazine of 1984
Alarums & Excursions

Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame
Frank Chadwick

The H.G. Wells Awards

Best Historical Figure Series of 1984
25mm Colonials - Ral Partha

Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Figure Series of 1984
25mm Personalities - Ral Partha

Best Vehicular Miniatures Series of 1984
Star Trek Starships - FASA

Best Miniatures Rules of 1984
The Sword and the Flame - Greenfield Hobby

Best Professional Miniatures Magazine of 1984
The Courier

Best Roleplaying Rules of 1984
Twilight: 2000 - GDW

Best Roleplaying Rules of 1984
Paranoia - West End Games

Best Roleplaying Adventure of 1984
Live & Let Die - Victory

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