9th Annual Origins Awards

The 1982 Origins Awards - Presented at Origins 1983

The Charles Roberts Awards

Best Pre-20th Century Boardgame of 1982
Civilization - The Avalon Hill Game Company - Thomas Treshan

Best 20th Century Boardgame of 1982
Storm Over Arnhem - The Avalon Hill Game Company - Courtney Allen

Best Science Fiction Boardgame of 1982
Illuminati - Steve Jackson Games - Steve Jackson

Best Fantasy Boardgame of 1982
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective - Sleuth Publications - Gary Grady, Raymond Edwards, Suzanne Goldberg

Best Professional Boardgaming Magazine of 1982
Fire & Movement - Steve Jackson Games - Friedrich Helfferich, ec

Best Adventure Game for Home Computer of 1982
Wizardry: Knight of Diamonds - Sir Tech Software - Andrew Goldberg, Robert Woodhead

Best Amateur Adventure Gaming Magazine of 1982
Journal of 20th Century Wargaming - Nick Schuessler, ec

Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame
Steve Jackson
Charles Roberts

The H.G. Wells Awards

Best Historical Figure Series of 1982
25mm Siege Equipment – RAFM - Bill Schwartz

Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Figure Series of 1982
Personalities & Things That Go Bump In The Night - Ral Partha - Tom Meier, Julie Guthrie, Dennis Mize

Best Vehicular Series of 1982
Micro Armor – GHQ - Greg Scott & Company

Best Miniatures Rules of 1982
Striker – GDW - Frank Chadwick

Best Roleplaying Rules of 1982
Behind Enemy Lines – FASA - William H Keith

Best Roleplaying Adventure of 1982
Citybook I - Flying Buffalo - Mike Stackpole, Pat Mueller

Best Professional Miniatures Magazine of 1982
The Courier - Courier Publishing - Dick Bryant

Best Professional Roleplaying Magazine of 1982
The Space Gamer - Steve Jackson Games - Aaron Allston, ed

All Time Best Miniatures Rules for American Civil War Land Battles of 1982
Rally Round the Flag - Iron Brigade Miniatures - Craig Taylor

All Time Best Miniatures Rules for Science Fiction Battles of 1982
Striker - Game Designers Workshop - Frank Chadwick

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