7th Annual Origins Awards

The 1980 Origins Awards -Presented at Origins 1981

The Charles Roberts Awards

Best Pre-20th Century Boardgame of 1980
Empires of the Middle Ages - SPI

Best 20th Century Boardgame of 1980
Crescendo of Doom - The Avalon Hill Game Company

Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Boardgame of 1980
Azhanti High Lightning - GDW

Best Computer Game of 1980
Temple of Apshai - Automated Simulations

Best Initial Release of a Boardgame of 1980
Streets of Stalingrad - Phoenix

Best Professional Magazine Covering Boardgames of 1980
Fire & Movement - Baron Publishing

Best Amateur Magazine Covering the Hobby in General of 1980
HMS Review

Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame
E. Gary Gygax

Gamers choice of 1980
Ace of Aces
Nova Games

The H.G. Wells Awards

Best Historical Figure Series of 1980
Condotierre - Ral Partha

Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Figure Series of 1980
Personalities - Ral Partha

Best Vehicular Model Series of 1980
Micro Armor - GHQ

Best Miniatures Rules of 1980
Tacforce - GDW

Best Roleplaying Rules of 1980
Dragonquest - SPI

Best Roleplaying Adventure of 1980
Twilights Peak - GDW

Best Professional Magazine Covering Miniatures of 1980
The Courier

Best Professional Magazine Covering Roleplaying of 1980
Journal of the Travellers Aid Society - GDW

All Time Best Pre-Napoleonic Gunpowder Miniatures Rules of 1980
Renaissance Rules - WRG

All Time Best Air Combat Miniatures Rules of 1980
Basic/Advanced Fighter - Lou Zocchi

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