6th Annual Origins Awards

The 1979 Origins Awards - Presented at Origins 1980

The Charles Roberts Awards

Best Pre-20th Century Game of 1979
Napoleon at Leipzig - OSG

Best 20th Century Game of 1979
City Fight - SPI

Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Game of 1979
The Creature That Ate Sheboygan - SPI

Best Initial Release of 1979
Ironclads - Yaquinto

Best Magazine Covering Boardgaming of 1979
Fire & Movement - Baron Publishing

Best Amateur Magazine in General of 1979
Perfidious Albion

Adventure Gaming Hall of Fame
David Isby

The H.G. Wells Awards

Best Historical Figure Series of 1979
System Seven Napoleonics - GDW

Best Fantasy or Science Fiction Figure Series of 1979
Collectables - Ral Partha

Best Vehicular Model Series of 1979
OGRE series - Martian Metals

Best Miniatures Rules of 1979
System Seven Napoleonics - GDW

Best Roleplaying Rules of 1979
Commando - SPI

Best Roleplaying Adventure of 1979
Kinunir - GDW

Best Magazine Covering Miniatures of 1979
The Courier

Best Magazine Covering Roleplaying of 1979
Journal of the Travellers Aid Society - GDW

All Time Best 20th Century Naval Rules of 1979
General Quarters - Brookhurst

All Time Best Ancient Medieval Rules of 1979
Chivalry & Sorcery - Fantasy Games Unlimited

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