About GAMA

GAMA was formed in 1977 to protect the interests of the Origins Game Fair. It incorporated as a non-profit organization in 1982. Since then, it has expanded to become the premier trade association for the hobby games industry. Its mission is to promote the general interest of all persons engaged in the buying, selling, licensing, and manufacturing of hobby game products. To that end, GAMA provides member affinity programs such as handbooks, trade and consumer shows, and education programs.

The core of GAMA's mission is to advance the hobby games industry. We work to make doing business in this industry better and easier for all professionals. We execute this mission in a number of ways.

GAMA has been serving the hobby games industry for over 30 years. We envision a world where hobby games are a broadly pursued pastime and where all engaged in the business of selling them can do so profitably and comfortably.

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